Restaurant MAAS | Rotterdam

Sightseeing and shelter

Down the river

Quality at the quay side

Restaurant MAAS is located in Rotterdam along the quayside of the eponymous river. A prime location with panoramic views, including the iconic Willemsbrug bridge. Because of the wind sensitivity, the hospitality operator had retractable transparent windscreens installed along the terrace segments. The screens block the wind from different directions and create a pleasant wind-free zone for terrace visitors.


Design in details

Retractable glass windscreens:

Each project is individually tailored to the client’s needs.

The perfect
social place

Enjoying the terrace wind-free

It makes a difference

On a windy day, people want nothing more than to enjoy a hospitality terrace wind-free. While on a simmering summer day, a pleasant breeze is a welcome addition. CORNELS provides a perfect product for terraces on squares, on the waterfront or in the polder. Locations that catch a lot of wind. Usually with panoramic views.

Easy to operate by hand

The retractable windscreen SPICA CORNELSĀ® Glass provides the desired shielding on days when napkins are blown off the tables. Simply click the glass panel up manually to create a sheltered terrace. Or slide the upper glass panel back in front of the lower one when a breeze is preferred, just as easy.

The transparency of the glass and the minimalist design of the vertical profiles make the terrace an attractive meeting place. A benefit that will keep your guests on the terrace so they can keep ordering more. Enjoy unobstructed views in one of the city’s most beautiful locations while sheltered from the wind.

Detached or mobile glass windscreen

At restaurant MAAS, the glass windscreens are anchored to the ground in a fixed position on the square by the quay and on the terrace right next to the restaurant entrance. Do you want to offer a wind-free environment to your guests? While preserving the view? And is a mobile system the only option? We recommend the version with planter and wheels. Easy to move. Extra atmospheric. Contact us for more information.

Read all about our retractable glass windscreens in our blog and watch the video.


And make wonderful memories