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Inviting space to relax in all seasons. Optimal comfort and elegant design. Slim and robust. The retractable roof provides an unprecedented sense of freedom. Dreaming away in the first sunshine of spring. Relax in the pleasant shade on hot summer days. Enjoy a cosy and sheltered terrace in the bleak weeks of the year. A suitable solution for every way of living or doing business.


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Make your outdoor space even more enjoyable.

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Applications of a terrace canopy with retractable roof

Be open to the outdoors

A terrace canopy with retractable roof is a great addition to any home or hospitality business. This canopy is perfect for creating an atmospheric terrace. And enjoy the outdoor space regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to our bespoke work, you put together the retractable roof entirely according to your wishes. With endless possibilities.

Luxury canopy with retractable roof for home and garden

Is your garden where you go to unwind? Where you enjoy spending long summer evenings with family and friends? A place you would like to enjoy every season? Extend your living space and enjoy the outdoors all year round with a luxury terrace canopy with retractable roof.

Experience the comfort of a terrace canopy or garden room with retractable roof: enjoy a dry terrace, wind-free, in the shade or in the sun all year round. With a terrace canopy with retractable roof, you decide whether you want sun or shade on your terrace. Moreover, you will enjoy your outdoor space even during showers and on cold days, thanks to the waterproof fabric and system and the vast array of possibilities to close off the walls.

People sometimes get the terrace canopy with retractable roof and the pergola awning mixed up. Our blog explains the most important differences and benefits of the retractable roof over the pergola awning.

Four-season terrace for the hospitality industry

Welcoming guests on the terrace every day of the year. Do you want to stop depending on the weather? Would you like to create more (outdoor) space for your hospitality establishment? Offer your guests an appealing, comfortable place where they will enjoy your menu for a long time? Blending perfectly into your corporate identity? The complete terrace canopy with retractable roof brings your terrace canopy into the right mood. Guests enjoy the surroundings and outdoor living to the fullest.

Our canopy with retractable roof is very popular in the hospitality industry. Thanks to its modular design, you can operate the roof in segments. Offering your guests a place in the shade as well as in the sun, if desired. Dimmable LED lights integrated in the ribs of the retractable roof offer atmospheric light. A wide choice of various glass wall systems, from sliding glass walls to folding walls and products such as screens and louvres, ensure optimal comfort on your terrace. We offer every hospitality establishment with a terrace large or small a fitting solution to welcome guests to their terrace all year round.

Our blog highlights an example of a large covered hospitality terrace: Benelux’s largest hospitality canopy.


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