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Louvred roof

Tilting and retractable

Ultimate outdoor living

Create an optimal outdoor living experience for all seasons. Openness and a sense of security. Comfort and luxury. We offer innovated solutions for ultimate living. Modern and multifunctional. Play with light. Create beautiful shadow lines. Achieve an optimal ambience in all weather conditions. Unprecedented opportunities.

Endless possibilities. Outdoor living bliss

Realise your dreams. Create the ultimate in outdoor living.

Luxury unfolds like
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Terrace canopies with louvred roof

Sublime luxury

Elevate your outdoor living to the next level with our high-quality terrace canopies with louvred roof. We will build your outdoor oasis with a louvred canopy on the façade, in the garden or on the rooftop terrace.

Unprecedented possibilities of the louvred roof

CORNELS offers beautiful solutions with louvres that tilt or retract and the ultimate roof: tilting and retractable louvres in one system. We design all our canopies specifically to suit your needs. Louvred roofs integrated into an existing structure are also among the unprecedented options. Your wishes are normative. The possibilities inspiring. The added value decisive.

The benefits of tilting louvres

Block out the sun or allow it onto your terrace with louvres in the roof of the canopy. Playing with light. Creating beautiful shadow lines. Subtle light. Control the level of sun and shade by tilting the louvres of the terrace canopy. And close the louvres when it rains or snows.

Build a luxurious, sleek outdoor space with tilting louvres from our ALYA CORNELS® Pro and Elite series. Thanks to the bespoke work, it fits any interior style. A complete garden room emerges when you close the walls with our glass systems, louvres and screens. Endlessly enjoying the wonderful outdoors with friends and family.

The added value of retractable louvres

The louvred roof of our POLLUX CORNELS® Elite series canopy slides in and out completely. Ideal on days when the sun shines brightly. Ensure pleasant coolness by extending the louvres, so you can enjoy the hot summer day on a shady terrace. Moreover, the closed louvred roof offers protection against rain, wind and snow. Enjoy the spring and autumn sunshine to the full; open the louvred roof fully.

This stylish terrace cover with retractable louvres creates a unique place to relax. Complete with lockable walls, you embrace outdoor living all year round.

Ultimate: retractable and tilting louvred canopy

The uniqueness of our AVIOR CORNELS® Elite series is its dual function: tilting and retractable louvres. Thanks to this ingenious louvred roof, you can always adjust the conditions on the terrace completely to your needs and the weather conditions. This exclusive terrace canopy offers you both the option of fully opening and retracting the louvred roof and tilting the louvres. For the ultimate outdoor experience.

You can read more about this ultimate terrace canopy with retractable and tilting louvres in our blog.

The perfect match

Appointment with a CORNELS® dealer? We will select a reputable, specialised dealer based on your information and project location. They are the perfect match for your outdoor requirements. A comprehensive inventory is followed by professional advice. All wishes and possibilities are fleshed out in a bespoke plan.


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