Create ultimate conditions


Screens with allure

Sunlight, shelter and shade

Elegant screens integrate sun and heat control, style and ambience. Enjoy a comfortable and shady indoor climate on sun-drenched days. With filtered light and optimal privacy. Atmospheric working and living spaces, with a pleasant temperature, ideally suited to your activities. Cooling when exerting yourself. Soothing while relaxing.


Stylish insulation,
sustainable solution

Fending off the sun in a stylish way

Additional shade and shelter

Screens in the walls of the terrace canopy provide additional shade. Especially when the sun is setting Create a more pleasant and cooler outdoor space.

Exclusive screens. Cool elevation

Aesthetic enrichment of the exterior. Inviting comfort for the interior.

Solution for the hospitality industry and public buildings

A refined touch

Are you looking for a stylish, high-quality solution to keep the sun and heat out of your hospitality business? Fitting your hotel rooms with screens for cooling in the summer months and extra privacy in an urban environment? Would you like to offer your guests more privacy on the terrace and fit your terrace canopy with screens?  Add a touch of style to your outdoor space? Awnings by CORNELS offer the ultimate solution.

We apply our awnings in small and large projects on a regular basis. Offices, shopping centres and sports clubs as well.

Regulating indoor climate

Save energy in style

Modern awnings by CORNELS are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Our zip screens help regulate the temperature in your space, reducing the need for air conditioning. This results in lower energy costs and contributes to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

We use awning products to block out the sun. In summer, we like to keep our homes and workspaces cool. In winter, we desire warmth in our living environment, while seeking sustainable solutions more and more.

Screens for your glazing ensure that heat inside is not lost through the windows. Moreover, our screens offer privacy: your view is unobstructed while maintaining limited visibility for those looking in.