Sensational experience

Glass systems

Transparent and elegant

Everlasting moments

High-end glass elements create a seamless transition between outdoor living and living comfort. Relax during the day and in the evening and experience the extension of the seasons. Experience more light thanks to the transparent connection with the surroundings. Skies. Views. More hours to enjoy and moments to cherish. Additional protection. More shelter. Ultimate experience.

Solid or sliding

State-of-the-art glass systems, completely personalised.

Glass provides light and space

Make the most of daylight

Make the most of natural light and create more comfort by closing off your terrace canopy with one of our glass systems, such as a sliding glass wall, folding door, motorised parapet or adjustable glass windscreen. A comfy spot sheltered from the wind. With panoramic views.

Amazing outdoor experience

Connect the outdoors with the indoors

To infinity and beyond

Glass helps the indoors and the outdoors blend seamlessly. Offers unobstructed views. CORNELS offers various high-end glass systems for enclosing your terrace canopy and for other purposes. Glass systems for the hospitality industry, for terrace canopies in the garden or on the fa├žade and glass systems for public buildings: from unique motorised parapets to glass doors for a welcoming entrance. Our glass range also offers many options for offices and public spaces, such as sliding glass walls and folding walls for flexible space separation.

Energy efficiency

Thermally broken insulated glass folding walls for structures such as conservatories, villas and commercial buildings. Modern custom-made glass systems designed with energy efficiency in mind for lower energy costs and improved environmental performance.


Glass offers so many possibilities. Part of our product range is on display on our website. What systems best suit your needs and the requirements for your surroundings? We are happy to think along with you and offer a tailor-made solution. Get in touch for an appointment.