Style meets strength

Aluminium window frames


Timeless transformation

Aluminium window frames are pleasing to the eye. Robust, rugged and stylish. The product perfectly complements any lifestyle and is available exclusively on demand. Unlimited customisation possibilities. Excellent insulation values. Detailed design. The product range highlights CORNELS’ creed: elevate your outdoor space.


Distinctive design. Endless options

Atmospheric and low-maintenance framing. Timeless and tailor-made.

Fully insulated conservatories

High insulation for ultimate comfort

Do you dream of extending your home with an insulated conservatory attached to the house or detached in your garden? CORNELS offers thermally broken conservatory profiles and aluminium window frames that form a fully insulated space together with our triple glazing. This type of conservatory is categorised as energy label A. Ultimate comfort. Optimal enjoyment.


Contemporary architecture, enduring elegance


Conscious living

One of the most striking benefits of aluminium window frames is their durability. Aluminium is a robust material that resists extreme weather conditions, corrosion and fading. This means that your aluminium window frames will last for many years without much maintenance, making it an excellent long-term investment.



Realm of contemporary design

The contemporary design of our aluminium window frames fits well with modern architecture. They offer large glass surfaces and narrow or robust window profiles. Create a sense of openness. Provide natural light and space.

Realise new spaces with our interior frames. Or apply thermally broken insulated window frames to the fa├žade in renovation or new construction projects. Create a full conservatory. With endless possibilities in colour, shape and application.


High quality, infinite possibilities

CORNELS’ aluminium window frames for various projects. Many applications. The thermally broken version together with triple glazing forms a fully insulated conservatory. In offices, an attractive solution for dividing up spaces. Durable and elegant. Insulating and high-quality.

Fully insulated conservatory; more light, comfortable extra space

Will you choose a garden room or a fully-insulated conservatory? We explain the difference between these exclusive outdoor spaces in the answers to frequently asked questions. For both, we use aluminium window frames. The design and type of frame entirely according to your wishes. Everything fully customised.

Divide spaces with aluminium frames in the office

Would you like to divide your office into several rooms? With our durable interior window frames, we create beautiful workplace layouts. Use spaces flexibly? Glass folding walls with aluminium frames offer the solution.

Which system best suits your needs for comfort and space? Our specialists will be happy to advise you personally.