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Garden rooms

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Take your outdoor ambience to the next level with an exclusive extension in the outdoor space. A stylish tailor-made garden room enriches living comfort. The most enjoyable moments are spent together with friends and family. Enjoy additional luxurious living space and an ultimate connection to the outside world year-round.


Living the good life

Create more space to live and more time to relax.

From sunrise to starlight

Benefits of a CORNELS garden room

Realise your dreams

Your outdoor space is an extension of your living space. A place where you can relax, dine and enjoy nature without compromising on comfort and style. Our luxury garden rooms are the perfect choice for those looking for an elegant extension to their living space. Choose CORNELS and discover the possibilities of turning your outdoor space into an oasis of luxury and comfort.

Perfect integration with your home and garden

A garden room is designed for a seamless transition between home and garden. The architecture, colours and materials fully meet your specific needs and the style of your home. The result is a harmonious integration of the in and outdoors.

Maximum functionality

Customise the layout and functionality of your luxury garden room to suit your needs. Whether you dream of a conservatory for plant lovers, a dining area for family gatherings, a play area for the kids or a meditation room, your garden room can be fully customised to meet these purposes.

Unique aesthetics

Unleash your creativity and create a unique aesthetic to suit your personal taste with a luxury garden room. Whether you opt for modern clean lines, classic elegance or an eclectic mix of styles, your garden room will reflect your personality and preferences. Everything is bespoke.

Luxury canopies to exclusive garden rooms

We create an exclusive garden room by closing off our luxury canopie with glass (sliding or folding) walls, for example. We also transform a wooden veranda into a complete garden room with glass walls and make it extra modern and luxurious with an integrated louvred roof. The ultimate roof with retractable and tilting louvres offers unprecedented luxury and comfort for your garden room. Get inspired. Read our blog ‘Transforming your terrace roof into a complete garden room’.

In short, a luxury garden room offers the opportunity to transform your outdoor space into a bespoke oasis of beauty, functionality and comfort. It is an investment in your home that offers significant benefits. So, if you dream of an outdoor space that suits you perfectly, consider the many benefits of a garden room by CORNELS. It will transform your outdoor ambience and enrich your home.