The ultimate canopy: retractable and tilting louvres

Louvred roof
Retractable and tilting louvres

Realise your living dream with the ultimate terrace canopy with retractable and tilting louvres. When you make the decision to elevate your outdoor living to the next level, there are many options and possibilities to choose from. You decided on the modern design of a louvred terrace canopy. Will you go for a model with tilting or retractable louvres?  In this blog, you will discover that CORNELS offers the ultimate canopy combining both functions!


Personal preference

The use of outdoor space is personal to each individual. When putting together your terrace canopy or complete garden room, your wishes are normative. Light, air, sun, shade, shelter; the possibilities are limitless. Especially if you want a terrace canopy with a louvred roof; will you go for tilting louvres, a retractable louvred roof or would you like to enjoy the benefits of both features?


Benefits of retractable and tilting louvres

The tilting louvres function allows you to play with light. Create the most beautiful shadow lines. And determine the degree of sunshine on your terrace. Tilt the louvres to block or let in the sun. Or go for full shade by closing the roof. The closed roof is also completely waterproof, making your outdoor space a pleasant place to be when it rains.

If you would like to enjoy the sun uninterrupted. If you want to take full advantage of daylight, a retractable louvred roof is perfect. Slide the louvres aside to create an open space at the push of a button.

Our AVIOR CORNELS® Elite series offers both functions in one high-end canopy, which is unique. Sliding and tilting louvres in one system. Create the ultimate living ambience with various options for extra comfort by closing off walls! Best of both worlds.


Louvred roof integrated into roof structure

Our dealers also integrate louvred roofs (and retractable roofs) into an existing structure. Would you like to combine the atmosphere of a wooden veranda with the modern conveniences of a louvred roof? We apply both our ALYA CORNELS series tilting louvred roofs and our POLLUX CORNELS Elite series retractable louvred roof as well as the AVIOR CORNELS series, the roof that combines both functions, in wooden verandas and garden rooms. Atmospheric, light and spacious.

And what about terraces of flats or penthouses? Here, too, we see more and more luxury outdoor spaces equipped with louvred roofs emerging or designed to fit into existing structures.

For more inspiration, check out our completed projectsOr request our magazine.

Would you like the ultimate terrace canopy with louvred roof with retractable and tilting louvres to take your outdoor space to the highest level? Get in touch for an appointment.

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