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A terrace canopy with folding fabric roof is sometimes mistaken for a pergola awning. Both types do block the sun. But that is where the similarity ends. We will explain why a CORNELS terrace canopy with retractable roof is a better alternative to a pergola awning.

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Keep the terrace dry even during heavy showers with waterproof fabric

The main differences are in the construction of the frame and the type of fabric. For example, the fabric of a terrace canopy with retractable roof consists of PVC fabric. Both the blackout and translucent PVC fabric of the terrace cover with retractable roof are waterproof. A perfect way to stay nice and dry during heavy showers. A pergola awning has a water-repellent fabric; it stops some rain, but will start leaking in the event of a heavy shower or prolonged rain.

Storm-proof awning

Thanks to its strong aluminium construction, the terrace canopy with retractable roof is also known as a storm-proof awning. This type of roof is much more resistant to strong winds than a pergola awning, which has to be retract to prevent it from being blown into pieces.


Covering large terraces

A pergola awning can extend up to 6 metres on average, but a canopy with retractable roof can cover terraces of 13 x 10 metres. CORNELS canopies are completely tailored, and their modular design allows for endless combinations in order to realise any size.

A terrace canopy with retractable roof can be used in nearly all weather conditions. Enjoy your terrace year round, especially with closed walls.

Building a complete garden room

The frame of the terrace canopy with retractable roof was designed for compatibility with e.g. glass walls. These can also be added later on. Fit the walls with sliding glass doors or glass folding wall to create a comfortable garden room for all seasons. Of course, other types of walls can be installed as well, such as wooden or aluminium louvres, tongue-and-groove walls or screens. Or try a combination for a more playful effect. We will tell you all about it in our blog ‘Transforming a terrace canopy to complete garden room’.

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Rural style

A terrace canopy with retractable roof fits very well in a rural garden. In this blog, we use photos of this beautiful project located in rural Groningen. See more of this project.

Benefits of retractable roof over pergola awning

In short, the terrace canopy with retractable roof offers many benefits over a pergola awning:

·         Waterproof canvas
·         Stormproof
·         Covering large terraces
·         Suitable for conversion into a complete garden room
·         Year-round terrace in all weather conditions

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