CORNELS is continuously working on product improvements. This year, we are launching the NEXT GENERATION of some of our top products. We start with the launch of SPICA NEXT GENERATION CORNELSĀ® GLASS.

The innovations make this height adjustable glass windscreen even more attractive. Below, we reveal the innovations in the video and explain them in more detail below.


New possibilities with the retractable windbreak

Getting out of the wind on the terrace takes on a new meaning with SPICA NEXT GENERATION. Thanks to the product update, this height adjustable glass windbreak offers many more possibilities for the terrace. A high light of innovations:

  • Cosy bench with wooden or granite seat
  • Comfortable corner joint and possible in different degrees
  • Door for a fully enclosed terrace

Attractive flower box and cosy bench

What is new is that the flower box is raised and that it is also possible to choose a wooden or granite seat to create a cosy bench attached to the glass terrace screen. For a spacious terrace, a combination of alternating a flower box and a number of benches naturally creates a super cosy and attractive terrace.

The wheels under the flower boxes/benches make the system easy to move. The adjustable feet ensure that the height adjustable glass screen is stable. The SPICA NEXT GENERATION with wheels also comes standard with adjustable feet and, of course, a number of wheels are fitted with brakes. Do you prefer no wheels? Then you can choose fixed legs.

Of course, for this new generation of our glass windscreen, you can also choose the standard model (without flower box or bench). This model is anchored in the ground.

Comfortable corner unit

Thanks to our product innovation, the corner unit is even more comfortable. Because the glass extends further, no wind gets through the corners. Besides the standard 90-degree angle, we now also offer the option of producing the corner in a different degree. With this customisation, a terrace out of the wind can be formed at any angle.

Door for fully enclosed terrace

Another great new addition is the option for a door. This creates a fully enclosed terrace. Like the glass windbreak, the glass door consists of a fixed panel in the height of 110cm and an extendable panel, raising the glass to 185cm. This ensures that you and your guests can enjoy the terrace out of the wind.

SPICA NEXT GENERATION CORNELSĀ® GLASS is ideal for terraces by the water, on squares or in the polder: easily adjustable in height by hand (no electricity required).

After reading this product information, are you interested in a retractable glass windbreak on your terrace? Then get in touch.

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