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Is your garden where you go to unwind? Or enjoy spending long evenings with friends and family? Surely, you dream of enjoying all of this all year round? A terrace canopy offers the solution. Especially when you close the walls for extra comfort, transforming the canopy into an exclusive garden room. In this blog, we will explain the systems we use to create an extra cosy space for you.


Ways to close the terrace canopy for more comfort

From terrace canopy to exclusive garden room; it can be done as soon as the canopy is composed. Walls can be added to your canopy later. The possibilities are endless.  Various systems transform your canopy into a cosy space. The bespoke nature of the product allows for full customisation.

Examples include:

·         Glass systems, such as sliding glass walls, sliding doors and folding walls
·         Screens
·         Louvres
·         Tongue-and-groove fixed walls

Or combine various systems for a playful effect.


The wide range of possibilities offered by glass walls

Cordoning off your terrace cover with a glass system is very effective if you want to use your terrace in all weather conditions, all year round,  Plus, glass provides light and space. Allowing you to take full advantage of natural light and unobstructed views. One major benefit of applying a glass system in your garden room is that you are sheltered from wind. Furthermore, the rain stays out and leaves do not blow into the canopy when the glass walls are closed.

Adapting to weather conditions

The flexibility of the various systems make glass a wall of choice. The various options for opening and closing the walls make it easy to adjust the wall to the weather conditions. Simply slide the sliding glass walls open and shut. For full panoramic views, choose the sliding glass walls STELLA CORNELS® Glass, our double-glazed sliding walls BOTEIN CORNELS® Glass boast a robust aluminium frame and the folding glass walls TALITHA CORNELS® Glass come with aluminium frames as well.

Fully tailored, the frames can be finished in any RAL colour, just like your canopy.  The glass folding walls offer many options like centre opening, opening link and full parking of the doors straight or the other way around, and many more options. Moreover, this system is available fully insulated and thermally broken. Optional with motorised parapets with horizontally opening glass panels.


Screens to block out the low winter sun

Screens in the wall of the terrace canopy keep the low winter sun off the terrace and ensure privacy (you can look outside but people cannot look onto your terrace). And screens are useful for ensuring a pleasant, cosy spot in your exclusive garden room on a breezy day.


Louvres in your exclusive garden room

Louvres offer privacy and comfort. MAIA CORNELS® louvres can also be tilted to prevent people from looking in or to provide a view. By tilting the louvres, you determine the degree of view and shelter. You can manually adjust the louvres in the wall to fully open, partially tilted at the angle of your choice or completely closed. Play with light and the extent to which you block the sun, wind and rain.

Thanks to our bespoke work, you can choose the frame in any RAL colour. The same goes for the louvres, which also come in wood. The louvres in the walls will fit into any style of customised exclusive garden room.


Fixed walls are possible as well

Consider fixed walls if you want to turn a terrace canopy into an atmospheric, all-season garden room. Once again, there are plenty of options including glass and tongue-and-groove walls.

Your CORNELS dealer will be happy to inform you about the vast array of possibilities and what system best suits your needs and location.

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