No more wind on the terrace

Height-adjustable glass windscreen

Is your terrace located by the water, in the polder or on a large square? How do you ensure that your guests enjoy your terrace? With the height-adjustable glass windscreen! Read all about this valuable addition to your terrace in this blog.


Ideal for waterfronts, squares or polders

Few things are more annoying than a windy terrace. Menu cards and napkins blowing away. Hairdos of guests ruined. And that is not even the end of it. Especially terraces by the water, on large squares and in the polder tend to catch a lot of wind. A light breeze on a hot summer day can be a welcome treat, but wind-free comfort is king as a general rule of thumb.

Provide your guests with a pleasant experience on your terrace with SPICA CORNELSĀ® Glass retractable glass windscreens. Enjoy your food and the unobstructed panoramic view from your terrace wind-free. Just slide up the glass panel manually when the wind picks up. And on a tropical summer day, simply slide the top panel down to treat your guests to a welcome breeze.


Extra atmosphere and comfort with the height-adjustable glass windscreen

These stylish glass windscreens are a very valuable addition to your terrace. To create extra atmosphere on your terrace in addition to style, consider the model with planter. Design, atmosphere and comfort.

Update: the SPICA has been updated in 2024 we will deliver the SPICA NEXT GENERATION. Read the blog about the product innovations of this height-adjustable glass windscreen and discover that it now has even more options such as a nice bench seat.

Terrace barrier for your restaurant

Besides applications in the above locations, a small terrace directly in front of your restaurant may catch a lot of wind as well, especially if your hospitality business is located on a corner. Even then, there are options to offer your guests a sheltered table.


Hospitality project highlighted

In this blog, we use photos of the terrace at restaurant MAAS on the eponymous river in Rotterdam. See more of this project on our inspiration page.

Are you interested in the height-adjustable glass windscreen for your terrace? Get in touch.

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