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In contemporary architecture and home decoration, the louvred roof has become a true sensation. Thanks to the versatile application options, these canopies can integrate seamlessly into various living styles and contribute to luxurious terrace comfort. In this blog, we proudly present the top 5 applications of our exclusive terrace canopy with louvred roof.


1. Standalone louvred terrace canopy: the ultimate wellness terrace

Imagine an idyllic residential farmhouse, complete with a swimming pool, jacuzzi and a converted wellness barn. The only thing missing was a luxurious shaded spot. That is where our ALYA CORNELS® from the Elite series came in. As a standalone element on this wellness terrace, it is the icing on the cake. With the louvres tilted, it provides the ultimate shade, while sunny moments can be catered to by opening the louvres completely. A true oasis of luxury.

View the full wellness terrace project here.


2. Penthouse roof terrace: comfort and views combined

In the urban setting of penthouses, we see an increasing trend of louvred canopies. After all, they are stylish and extremely functional. Our terrace canopy offers protection from the bright sun and is able to keep the interior cool. Moreover, our motorised glass systems can be used to close the walls and create a pleasant spot without losing the amazing view.


3. Luxury home with the louvred canopy on the façade

For outdoor enthusiasts, few things are more frustrating than being forced to stay indoors because of the weather. Thanks to our louvred canopy on the façade of a luxury home, this is now a thing of the past. The canopy provides optimal sun protection and offers residents a sheltered place to enjoy their garden, even on rainy days.

Want to know more about this project? Click here


4. Enlarging the living space of a chic flat

A terrace can function as a natural extension of the interior, especially in flats. The owners of a luxury flat made this a reality with our POLLUX from the CORNELS® Elite series built into an existing terrace. The louvres can be adjusted to any weather condition, making it a perfect addition to the living space.

Take a look at the terrace of this beautiful flat


5. A modern louvred roof in a traditional wooden veranda

This project represents a flawless fusion between modern and traditional. The owners of a rural home wanted the aesthetics of a wooden veranda, but with the convenience of modern technology. Their wish was our command, and that of our integrated louvres. The result: a beautiful wooden veranda that is flexible in regulating light, shade and rain.

See the wonderful combination of tradition and modernity

Has your interest been piqued? These louvred canopies can take your living or outdoor space to a whole other level. Contact our dealer to realise your ultimate living dream.

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