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Year-round top-notch facilities for sports complexes and canteens

In the dynamic world of sports clubs, where creating an inviting environment for members and visitors is crucial, every detail count. As a dedicated sports club, you understand better than anyone the need for facilities that are both functional and visually appealing. Take the appeal of your sports facility to the next level with our exclusive sports club canopies – a perfect balance between athletic energy  and refined hospitality.

Elevate your sports spaces into true oases of comfort with our high-end terrace canopies. From sport canteens to restaurants at swimming pools, football clubs, golf clubs and other sports complexes – our terrace canopies add a touch of sophistication that perfectly represents the athletic spirit of your sports club. Respond to changing weather conditions on the fly with CORNELS’ unique systems.

CORNELS understands that every sports venue is unique and a place where everyone should feel at home.  Our service seamlessly matches your ambition to provide excellent facilities. Our professionals work with you to customise the terrace canopies to the needs of your sports club. Whether you have awning options, advanced glass systems or even the realisation of completely covered terraces or grandstands in mind – our approach perfectly matches your athletic vision.

Endless moments of joy

The innovative four-season sports facility

Create your four-season sports facility with CORNELS’ innovative canopies:

Canopies with retractable roof

Protect your athletes and spectators from sudden weather changes with our retractable terrace canopies. Choose between sun or shade and provide protection from rain or wind with the push of a button. Perfect for terraces at sports clubs and for covering the stands. For optimum comfort and hospitality at all times.

Canopies with louvred roof

Our advanced louvred roofs allow you to control light and ventilation, creating the ideal conditions for your sports activities. Besides terraces, perfect for creating flexible sports spaces as well. A louvred canopy is an asset for your sports club or yoga studio. Just imagine it: practising sports in the open air, but with the ability to create a comfortably ventilated space when it starts to rain or when the wind picks up. An outdoor ambience with indoor comfort in all weather conditions.

Elevate spaces, unleash outdoor enchantment

Extra comfort with glass systems and screens

Deploy one of our glass solutions to offer extra comfort on the terrace at your sports restaurant, under the canopy that serves as a space for personal training, for the flexibility to divide spaces in your clubhouse and many other purposes. Apply screens to offer sun protection in the building.

Height-adjustable glass windscreens

Sports fields and their facilities such as terraces are often situated in locations that catch a lot of wind. Our glass windscreens are perfect for protecting visitors, athletes and members in windy locations. The screens are easy to operate by hand. Slide the glass up when the wind blows, offering visitors a pleasant place protected from the wind. If a light breeze is desired, just retract the windbscreen.

Sliding glass walls

These are ideal for creating a versatile indoor sports environment, allowing athletes and spectators to enjoy an unobstructed view of the pitch while being sheltered from the elements.

Glass folding walls

These offer great flexibility to customise your facility, whether creating an open space for summer activities or enclosing a room during colder months.

Motorised glass parapet

Adjust the height of the parapet for optimal shelter while ensuring an unobstructed view of sports activities.

The only way to finish is to start

The symbol of athletic elegance

Choosing our high-end terrace canopies is to invest in a symbol of atheltic elegance. Our terrace canopies take your sports facilities to the next level of sophistication and hospitality, perfectly merging the vitality of nature with the vibrancy of your sporting setting.

Upgrade your sports club with our high-end terrace canopies, designed to support and enhance your vision. Discover the limitless possibilities of our exclusive terrace canopies, adapted to the athletic needs of your association. A world of luxurious, sporting hospitality awaits you, where you can take the allure of your sports club to the highest level of comfort and class.

The perfect match

We will select a reputable, specialised dealer based on your information and project location. They are the perfect match for the outdoor requirements of your hospitality venue. A comprehensive inventory is followed by professional advice. All wishes and possibilities are fleshed out in a bespoke plan.


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