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The ultimate partner for creating high-end outdoor spaces

Do you initiate, develop and realise large construction projects such as shopping centres, sports centres, boulevards, hospitality squares, other public buildings, luxury flats or a villa district? For any large project, the CORNELS label is the perfect partner to take the outdoor space of your project to the next level. Our high-end custom-made products offer immeasurable possibilities.

Luxury outdoor spaces such as complete four-season terrace canopies for hospitality squares, beach boulevards and pavilions, but also complete garden rooms and aluminium canopies with louvred roofs that both tilt and slide open as a luxury addition to the villas you develop. Helping you connect the outdoors with the indoors and elevate outdoor living to the highest level.

Embrace every season

Create your projects with CORNELS' innovative solutions

In the world of property development, it is essential that every detail of your project, big or small, is perfected to realise the overall vision. Our products take outdoor ambience to the next level. One integrated system that is able to react in real-time to changing weather conditions, making it the ideal choice for forward-looking property developers.

Retractable terrace canopy with retractable roof

Our custom-made retractable terrace canopy with retractable roof made of high-quality fabric represents the pinnacle of architectural finesse. This waterproof sliding roof system with aluminium frame can be seamlessly integrated into any project design. Offer residents or visitors shelter from the elements with a simple tap of a button. Making your project even more attractive. For hospitality operators, a year-round terrace means more turnover. For you, this means they will be even more interested in the project you are developing.

Terrace canopy with louvred roof

Play with light and ventilation with our louvred roof. Featuring both tilting and retracting functionality, our uniquely designed louvres offer a luxurious outdoor living experience. Combined with our wall fences, every terrace becomes a place that can be used all year round. Extend the seasons and enjoy the outdoors indefinitely. Modern, innovative solutions for exclusive outdoor spaces. The possibilities are unlimited. Consider built-in louvred roofs. And how about retractable and tilting louvres in one system. Your wishes are normative.

To infinity and beyond

High-end glass systems for many applications in property development

CORNELS offers various high-end glass systems for enclosing terrace canopies and many other purposes. Glass systems for a comfortable terrace, transparent workplaces and flexible meeting rooms.

Glass sliding walls

Design and functionality go hand in hand. Our sliding glass walls provide an effortless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces within terrace canopies, allowing occupants to enjoy unobstructed views while remaining protected from the elements. Our sliding glass walls are also perfect for your b2b projects such as offices or hospitality establishments. For creating meeting rooms, transparent workspaces and dividing hospitality canopies into segments.

Glass folding walls

Our stylish glass folding walls are perfect for complex projects that demand flexibility and insulation. We offer thermally broken glass folding walls. They allow designers to dynamically adapt spaces to the needs of occupants or users, from open lounges to intimate spaces. From meeting rooms to banquet halls.

Motorised glass parapet

Introduce unrivalled luxury with our motorised glass parapet, perfect for walls in terrace canopies for the hospitality industry. Give the hospitality operator control of the view and shelter for their guests.

Advanced climate control

Screens for windows and canopies

Our advanced zip screens are ideal for both window surfaces and canopies in residential and commercial projects. They offer temperature regulation and increased privacy. Optional branding is available for commercial spaces.

Limitless possibilities

Elevate outdoor space to a higher level

What is unique about CORNELS is that in addition to being an exclusive label, we also act as a committed partner throughout the entire process. Our specialists join your thought process as early as the design phase. From initial sketch to final realisation by our dedicated dealers; we are by your side. CORNELS offers customised solutions that transform any outdoor space into a masterpiece. Our innovative approach in outdoor space design enables property developers to connect the outdoors with the indoors.

In the world of property development, the difference between good and excellent is all in the details. CORNELS understands this principle and we strive for nothing less than excellence in every product and service we offer. Get in touch today to discover the possibilities of our products, tailor-made for your project. Together, we will take your project to the next level.


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