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Exclusive canopies

Welcome to a world where comfort, calm and class come together in luxurious surroundings.

At CORNELS, everything is about giving you the best of both worlds, so you can enjoy outdoor living all year round regardless of the weather conditions. Extend the seasons. Elevate your outdoor space. Enhance your living space with aesthetic and innovative solutions for exclusive outdoor spaces. From the luxury canopy to the exclusive garden room. Individual customisation is our standard. In any location or environment.

We understand that you aspire to a sophisticated lifestyle, which is why we create peace and space, shade and light, and play with the elements to create an unrivalled outdoor space. Our canopies are not only functional, but also add aesthetic value to your home. We take your requirements as our starting point and only offer customised solutions to meet all your needs.

Customized to your needs


In fact, every CORNELS product is completely custom-made. Your wishes and specific circumstances determine the design drawn up by the dealer. This means that every garden room is unique; there is no second example. The colour application, design, materials and execution are fully tailored to your project.

Our canopies offer luxury outdoor living in all seasons, where indoors and outdoors merge seamlessly. Enjoy the comfort of your interior with the freedom and beauty of outdoor living. Experience the best of both worlds, without compromising on style and class.

We aim to extend your living space into the natural environment, while ensuring seamless integration with the interior. The result? Inside out. Outside in. A sophisticated harmony between inside and outside, where you can enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of your indoor space.

Outdoor oasis

Retractable fabric roof or louvred roof?

Imagine a folding-roof equipped with an exclusive fabric that opens majestically to embrace the first rays of the sun and closes just as smoothly to provide cooling shade when the summer sun reaches its peak. Even during a summer shower, you can still enjoy the outdoors while remaining sheltered under our masterfully designed roof.

Or are you more keen on the idea of sublime natural light, surrounded by a sleek and elegant design with our renowned louvred roofs? The adjustable louvres provide mesmerising light and protection from the sun when you want it, while opening them just as easily to embrace the sun’s rays.

And if you want the option of fully opening or closing the roof, our unique sliding louvred system offers just that. You can even opt for a combination of tilting and retractable louvres, for a solution that suits your needs perfectly.

Also have your existing structure, for example your wooden veranda, transformed into a true work of art with our custom-made built-in folding fabric roof or louvred roof.

Endless possibilities

Transformeer uw terrasoverkapping in een complete tuinkamer

Extend the seasons and experience unparalleled comfort on your canopy with our exclusive walls. Create your own unique atmosphere by choosing between partially open or fully enclosed.

Our lockable walls transform your canopy into a complete garden room, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor living all year round. With a wide range of tailor-made options, almost all wishes can be realised.

Among others, you can choose from:

Create a playful effect by combining different high-quality products.

From luxury canopy to exclusive garden room

Want to know more about how to elevate your outdoor living experience space? Discover all the information in our blog ‘Transforming canopies into complete garden rooms‘.

Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us. High-end outdoor living awaits!

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The perfect match

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Our dealers are ready to make your dreams come true, with a creation that seamlessly combines exclusivity and high standards. Our dealers offer you the ultimate outdoor experience with our exclusive canopies and garden rooms. Enjoy in style, surrounded by luxury and comfort, whatever the weather conditions. Discover the perfect harmony between design and functionality and let our custom-made products elevate your terrace to an unprecedented level.


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