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Telstar Beach | Ermelo

Year-round shelter and shade

Jaarrond terras CORNELS project Telstar Beach
Inschuifbaar vouwdak CAPELLA CORNELS bij Telstar Beach
For memorable moments

Enjoy endlessly

An enchanting place on the beach in the middle of the Netherlands. All seasons great opportunities. From family fun to business events. From a beachy breakfast to celebrating the best day of your life. Guests enjoy the optimal comfort offered by the complete terrace cover. Sun and shade. Shelter and protection. Extra space: 220m2. Perfect party location with ultimate relaxed vibes.

Complete terrasoverkapping CAPPELA CORNELS bij Telstar Beach dronefoto

Design in detail

Anthracite-colored aluminum terrace canopy

Segmented retractable roof:

Double glass sliding doors:

Motorized parapet:

Aluminium frame doors:

Fixed wall:

Relax, enjoy
meet new friends

Jaarrond horecaterras overkapping met ledverlichting en vouwdak


Complete terrace canopy for year-round hospitality terrace

Trendy beach lounge

In this project, the CAPELLA CORNELS® freestanding terrace canopy was connected to the existing restaurant building. This more than tripled the terrace and restaurant area. This offers the restaurant owner, team and guests so many more possibilities. And ultimate comfort. Using this beautiful place all year round is the dream come true.

The translucent and waterproof fabric of the rectratable roof is the high-quality Serge Ferrari Soltis 96 Proof. Dimmable LED lights are integrated into the ribs of the canvas. The roof is remotely operated in segments (by remote control or via app). Choice of which section opens or closes. Or all at once.

The walls also offer unprecedented possibilities. The double-glazed sliding doors provide access to the waterfront terrace. The motorized parapet consisting of horizontal panels offer protection from the wind or slide open when a pleasant breeze is desired. The double doors halfway up this long glass wall is the entrance to this year-round terrace and also provides access to the beach from this insanely multifunctional space.

Against the back wall is a stage for performances at parties and celebrations. As a lounge terrace, it offers a beautiful view of the water. On the outside, this wall is tightly finished with the WEGA CORNELS® Wall rebate wall.

Would you like tailored advice for a year-round terrace at your catering establishment? Would you like to spar our advisor and one of our CORNELS® dealer specialized in hospitality? Get in touch.