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Relaxing living area

The starting point for this realisation? Ultimate everyday relaxation and revitalisation. Immerse yourself in a luxurious pool. Relax under a stylish terrace canopy. The outdoor living area provides extra comfort. Playing with incident sunlight and shade to create the desired ambience for the owner of this beautifully designed outdoor space.


Design in detail

Light-grey aluminium terrace canopy

Tilting louvres:
ALYA CORNELSĀ® Base series

Dimmable LED lighting

Each project is individually tailored to the client’s needs.

The perfect harmony


Modern garden, sleek design, luxuriously equipped

The rugged and timeless aluminium terrace canopy adds cachet to the design of this garden. The extended terrace provides an appealing sense of depth in line with the pool. The tilting louvres create beautiful shadow lines. An inviting, attractive terrace for relaxing. Dream away in the subtle sunlight and find coolness in the shade when the roof closes.

Extension possibilities of an aluminium terrace canopy

A terrace canopy offers endless possibilities for further expansion. CORNELS canopies offer the flexibility to add walls at a later stage. Such as screens in the side of the canopy to block out the low winter sun. Glass walls also add extra comfort. A great way to create an entire garden room. The options are unprecedented. Treat yourself to the ultimate outdoor space.


And make wonderful memories