Sunlights art through louvered shades

Enjoy the greenery

Beautiful moments become wonderful memories

The sturdy yet elegant garden room blends seamlessly with its surroundings. It enhances the cubist style of the house and makes for a perfect combination with the beautiful vegetation. The stylish outdoor space is pleasant and inviting to residents in all seasons. Enjoy the interplay of sunlight and shadows. Spend precious hours in good company. Embrace the outdoors in all seasons.


Design in details

Anthracite-coloured aluminium terrace canopy

Tilting louvres:
ALYA CORNELS® Pro series

Tilting shutters:

Sliding glass walls:

Every season
is a reason
to gather
with loved ones

Double louvred terrace canopy

Be original

This detached garden room in a green oasis consists of a double louvred terrace roof. The front part with open walls is the ideal place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the spring sunshine and to dine on summer evenings. The rear section offers a place to unwind all year round. Fitted with a fixed wall with the tilting aluminium MAIA CORNELS® Louvres for the necessary privacy and shelter. In the other side walls, sliding glass walls offer the flexibility of openness, light and comfort.

A perfect mix of allure and design

The detached garden room forms a pleasant lounge area. Cosy and comfortable in winter. Pleasantly cool in summer. A seamless connection to the plant-rich environment thanks to the frameless sliding glass doors. A green oasis. Compiled with an eye for detail.

With tilting louvres in the roof, residents control the amount of sunlight and shade. The ability to play with light and create beautiful shadow lines is what makes the ALYA tilting louvres from the CORNELS® Pro series so appealing. Dimmable LED lighting provides atmospheric evening light.

Original bespoke detached garden room

No two CORNELS garden rooms or terrace canopies are the same. Each project is individually customised, tailored to the client’s needs and requirements. Each outdoor living area is unique as a result.

Our blog Transforming a terrace canopy into a garden room offers more information on how to realise an original garden room.


And make wonderful memories