Outdoor vibes, interior ambiance

Royal veranda

A sense of space

Luxurious living with all the space to enjoy the good life in good company. A spacious veranda with exclusive integrated tilting louvres increases the possibilities. Combine atmospheric wood with intelligent technology. Extend the days and create a harmonious balance between the outdoors and in. Admire the incident light and pleasant shade. Experience the ultimate outdoor living together.


Design in detail

Louvred roof integrated into roof structure

Tilting louvres:
ALYA CORNELSĀ® Base series

Each project is individually tailored to the client’s needs.

Create cosiness

Traditional and advanced

Rustic and modern

A robust traditional wooden pergola equipped with modern luxury and comfort. Outdoor living was visibly taken to the next level. This atmospheric outdoor room was created during the renovation of the house. The owners wanted a wooden veranda with robust wooden pillars, as well as a flexible roof to let in (sun) light, create shade and provide shelter from rain.

This requirement was met with the integrated louvres and the result is magnificent! The natural, warm look of the wood and the low-maintenance aluminium louvres provide the desired result of warmth, luxury and cosiness. A stunning veranda with a lovely sitting area by the fireplace and a sturdy dining table for nice long dinners.


Our canopies are designed to transform your outdoor space into a luxurious living environment where you can relax, dine and enjoy the fresh air. Whether you want to create an intimate terrace or an expansive outdoor space, our specialists work together to create a functional terrace canopy that fully addresses your specific needs.


And make wonderful memories