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Daily delight

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Enjoy the serene views

Connect the outdoors with the indoors with an elegant garden room and inviting transparency. Enjoy the stunning views of the lively river and panoramic landscape in style and in all seasons. Experience exclusive outdoor living. From sunrise to sunset. Create the desired climate with an open or closed canopy and enjoy ultimate comfort.


Design in details

Louvred roof integrated into roof structure

Retractable louvres:

Each project is individually tailored to the client’s needs.

Natural elegance
inside and out

Where the indoors and outdoors merge seamlessly

Spaces where you love spending time

This outdoor space is an appealing extension of the living room year round, which is exactly how it is being used. An extraordinary experience of the exquisite interior and exterior in all seasons. The owners of this lovely flat enjoy the outdoors and great views as soon as the sun comes out. Created with retractable louvres on the terrace of this flat, the atmospheric garden room makes for a pleasant space even in winter.

As the terrace is equipped with sliding glass walls and heaters, it becomes a comfortable extension of the living room even on cold days, where residents can enjoy an early morning cup of coffee. When closed, the louvred roof provides welcome shade on hot summer days. If desired, the roof slides open by a simple press of the remote control. Long evenings are being catered to as well: the canopy is equipped with dimmable LED surrounds for beautiful lighting in the evening.

In existing construction

The POLLUX retractable louvred roof from the CORNELSĀ® Elite series was built into the existing concrete structure of this new-build project. CORNELS’ customised solutions make it possible to incorporate tilting and/or retractable louvres or folding fabric roofs into existing situations, such as wooden verandas, pool house roofs, outdoor spaces in apartments and more. Get in touch to discuss the options for your locations.


And make wonderful memories