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The label for high-end four-season terraces in hospitality

Are you a passionate hospitality entrepreneur who strives for perfection in every detail? Are you looking for innovative solutions to give your guests an unforgettable experience, regardless of the weather? At CORNELS, we understand your needs and are proud to present you with a comprehensive range of high-quality custom-made products, such as hospitality terrace canopies, that will take your hospitality business to the next level of hospitality and comfort. Unlimited excellence.

The art of all-season hospitality

Hospitality is an art that thrives in all seasons. We believe in the power of creating the perfect setting where guests can enjoy an unforgettable experience, regardless of the weather conditions. We elevate outdoor spaces to the highest level with our high-end products, delivering tailor-made solutions that allow you to use your hospitality facility all year round.  A four-season terrace where your guests will always feel welcome and comfortable.

Year-round shelter and shade

Innovative solutions

Create your four-season terrace with CORNELS’ innovative solutions:

Complete terrace canopy with folding fabric roof

Our range of retractable terrace camopies with retractable roofs made of exclusive fabric is unique! It is a high-end waterproof sliding roof system with an excellent aluminium frame. Bespoke innovation. Fully tailored, in your own corporate style. Protect your guests from the elements. Create a closed or open terrace, sun or shade, shelter and comfort on cold days with the push of a button.

Terrace canopy with louvred roof for the hospitality industry

Play with light and a new way to ventilate with our tilting louvres. Create a fully open terrace with retractable louvres. Combining both functions in one system elevates your terrace and provides the ultimate comfort for your guests. Combined with our products to close the walls, we create a four-season terrace for all weather conditions. Modern and durable. Unprecedented performance and excellent value for money.

Solid or sliding

State-of-art glass systems

Our various glass systems offer many possibilities for both cosy terraces and the creation of new (indoor) areas at hospitality establishments.

Retractable glass windscreens

One popular product for hospitality operators is our retractable glass windscreen. Offer your guests a pleasant terrace shielded from the wind. The glass windscreens are easily operated by hand. Slide the screens up when the wind is strong and your guests will enjoy a sheltered terrace. But if a breeze is desirable, just retract the screens. Innovation in motion. Ideal for waterfront terraces, in the polder or on squares. The glass preserves the panoramic view of your terrace. Opt for the version with a planter for extra atmosphere on your terrace.

Sliding glass walls

We believe that style and functionality go hand in hand. Our sliding glass walls combine elegant aesthetics with practical versatility. These sliding walls allow you to blur the boundaries between the outdoors and in, allowing your guests to enjoy breathtaking views while protected from the elements. Whether you want to create an airy dining area or a cosy lounge, our sliding glass walls add a touch of sophistication to your hospitality business.

Motorised glass parapets

The perfect balance between comfort and views. Our motorised glass parapets are the epitome of luxury and functionality. This advanced solution allows you to adjust the height of the parapet to provide enough shelter while allowing your guests to enjoy an unobstructed view. Strike the perfect balance between comfort, shelter and panoramic views at the touch of a button.

Glass folding walls

At CORNELS, we understand that every hospitality project is unique. That is why we developed glass folding walls that give you the freedom to design the space according to your vision. Whether you want to create an open and airy environment during warm days, or close the walls for a cosy atmosphere on colder evenings, our glass folding walls adapt to your needs. These glass folding walls are also ideal for dividing indoor spaces into segments e.g. for private parties, meeting rooms, etc.

Sophisticated protection

Screens for windows and canopies

Did you know that our screens are ideal for blocking a low winter sun with your terrace canopy and perfect for the windows of your hospitality premises? In summer and winter. Control the climate with our screens: our zip screens provide insulation to help keep the room cool in summer while retaining heat in winter. From restaurant windows to hotel rooms, our screens add a touch of comfort and privacy to any space. If you want your hospitality business to stand out from the crowd, we will add your logo to your screens.

Designing your dream

Year-round shelter and shade

With CORNELS products, you can make your dream of a four-season terrace come true. Offer your guests a comfortable place to stay all year round with a complete terrace canopy for hospitality establishments with a louvred or retractable roof. Provide shade on hot summer days, enjoy the spring sunshine when the canopy opens, offer shelter from rain and wind, and, thanks to terrace heating, a pleasant winter terrace too. Don’t let the seasons get in the way of your guests – offer them the comfort they deserve.

Are you ready to take your hospitality business to the next level of hospitality and comfort? CORNELS is ready to realise your vision with our high-quality, innovative products. From complete terrace canopies for the hospitality industry with retractable roof to louvred roofs, from retractable glass windscreens to glass folding walls and motorised glass parapets. We have the solutions that transform your hospitality venue into a four-season oasis. For small and large hospitality terraces.

The power of our unique systems

CORNELS is committed to innovation and ease of use. We elevate outdoor spaces to the highest level with our high-end products. With immeasurable possibilities.  Our unique canopy with retractable and tilting louvres in one system offers unprecedented flexibility. Imagine how easily you can adjust your terrace to changing weather conditions with just the push of a button. Tilt the louvres to create the perfect light and retract them to provide a fully open terrace. Extend them out to protect your guests from rain or sun. This is the future of terrace canopies for the hospitality industry.

Luxury is a state of mind, not just a price tag

Lease options

Realising a terrace canopy for hospitality establishments is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment that pays for itself. Do you dream of increasing capacity, luxury and comfort, of realising a four-season terrace, but lack the necessary budget? Leasing might be an option. Curious about this possibility?

Make an appointment with the CORNELS dealer

We will select a reputable, specialised dealer based on your information and project location. They are the perfect match for the outdoor requirements of your hospitality venue. A comprehensive inventory is followed by professional advice. All wishes and possibilities are fleshed out in a bespoke plan.


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