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The ultimate leading label for government facilities in all seasons

Do you work at a government agency and do you strive to provide optimal facilities for citizens and employees, regardless of weather conditions? CORNELS understands the importance of efficiency and sustainability for government building facilities. We are proud to present high-quality customised solutions such as glass systems, screens and canopies that transform government buildings and public spaces into facilities that are comfortable and welcoming all year round. Excellent quality, without compromise.

Unique facilities for your government building

It is key for a government to be able to providing accessible and reliable facilities. We believe that a perfectly appointed space, functional in all seasons, contributes to the well-being of the community. Our products make outdoor spaces and buildings suitable for year-round use. Have the indoors and outdoors blend seamlessly. As a result, citizens and staff always experience a welcoming and comfortable feeling.



Contemporary and functional

Connect the outdoors with the indoors

And what better way to do it than with a complete canopy.  CORNELS provides innovative solutions for government bodies:

Canopies with retractable roof

Our range of retractable canopies with retractable roofs is unique and perfectly suited to government buildings or public spaces. Thanks to waterproof sliding roof systems with high-quality aluminium frame and PVC fabric, your facilities are protected from rain, wind and sun. Of course, you can also let the sun in if you want. Connect the outdoors with the indoors. Ideal for courtyards, recreational areas or outdoor waiting areas.

Louvred canopies

Our canopies with tilting louvres allow you to play with light and ventilate. Modern and functional. A roof with louvres that slide open as well as tilt is just one of many possibilities offered by our bespoke work. A louvred canopy increases comfort for users and is particularly suitable for communal areas such as parks, waiting areas at government buildings, inspirational workspace or terraces of town halls.

Insulation and privacy at once

Screens for windows

Our screens are ideal for government buildings, as they help save energy while providing privacy at the same time. The zip screens are effective in managing indoor temperatures and can be branded with the government agency’s logo. Read more about the energy efficiency of screens on our product page.

Spacious and flexible

Creating extra comfortable and versatile spaces with glass systems

Would you like to be able to divide large rooms into smaller rooms for private gatherings or meetings? Does your government building’s restaurant have a terrace at a particularly windy location? Glass systems offer extensive possibilities for your location.

Glass systems

Sliding glass walls

Our sliding glass walls are the perfect solution for multifunctional spaces in government buildings. They offer the possibility to divide spaces flexibly, without compromising on aesthetics and functionality. Create private meeting rooms and meeting spaces. For a more open atmosphere, just slide open the walls.

Glass folding walls

Whether dividing up meeting rooms or creating meeting rooms and workspaces in public areas, our glass folding walls offer flexibility and functionality.

Height-adjustable glass windscreens

Protection from the wind on the terrace of your government building. Does the restaurant for your staff and visitors have a terrace? If this terrace is in a particularly windy location, height-adjustable glass windscreens offer an ideal solution to create a sheltered area. Nice and comfortable, sheltered from the wind.

Ultimate potential

The future of government facilities

We offer the ability to adapt facilities in government buildings to changing weather conditions with our unique systems,  Whether it be protection from rain, sun or creating perfect light, our solutions ensure future-proof, distinctive facilities.

Collaboration for a sustainable future

Committed partner to take your facilities to the next level

Besides being a high-end label, CORNELS is also an involved partner from initial design to implementation. Our team of specialists collaborate closely from the very first sketches. Together, we transform any outdoor space into a masterpiece.

CORNELS has extensive experience in highly diverse projects. From an intimate terrace for individuals to comprehensive business projects. Every assignment is unique and together we find the best possible technical solution for the issue at hand.

Get in touch with our government building facilities consultants today to find out how we can work together to take your project to the next level.


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