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In the world of architectural design, every detail counts. As a contractor, you understand better than anyone the importance of realising high-quality projects that combine craftsmanship and aesthetics. Our high-end terrace canopies, glass systems and screens seamlessly complement your architectural projects, with each element being carefully crafted out of exclusive materials.

Besides a high-quality product range, CORNELS also offers contractors support with construction advice and design and drawing services (including 2D drawing and 3D visuals) and more.

Tailor-made luxury

Use of high-quality materials and craftsmanship

Our excellent products are manufactured with an outstanding selection of materials, where durability and aesthetics go hand in hand. Our specialists work with you to provide tailor-made solutions that meet the characteristics of your project. Together, we transform outdoor dreams into high-end accomplishments.

Whether it be our canopies for contractors, built-in louvred roofs in wooden verandas, the realisation of complete garden rooms, integrating glass walls for a sense of openness and transparency, louvres for a contemporary accent, awning options or advanced glass systems Рour specialists interpret the needs of private and business customers. Individual customisation is our standard and exceeding expectations is our mission.

Bring the outside in

Innovation in motion

Just as your construction works are appreciated all year round, our terrace canopies enhance the outdoor experience in a sublime way, perfectly suited to any project. Whether it be for atmospheric restaurants, a garden room, luxurious hotels or versatile commercial buildings, our terrace canopies fit seamlessly into any project. Guests and residents enjoy unprecedented outdoor splendour. Our versatile designs adapt to any weather condition, allowing your project to be used all year round.

Terrace canopies with retractable roof

We offer a range of high-quality solutions that transform and enrich your projects. Our contractor canopies with folding fabric roof are a unique combination of a waterproof sliding roof system and a high-quality aluminium frame. Fully customisable to your corporate identity, they offer protection from the elements and flexibility in creating the perfect atmosphere on the terrace. Combined with our glass systems, you create a year-round terrace suitable for all conditions.

Terrace canopies with louvred roof

Play with light and ventilate in a new way with our contractor canopies with louvred roof. The tilting louvre system offers the possibility to adjust light and ventilation as required. Whether you want to create a fully open terrace or provide shelter from rain and sun, our louvred roofs offer unparalleled performance and excellent value for money. Canopies with louvres that can both tilt and retract are extra appealing. Installation in existing structures is just one of many possibilities. This means you offer a truly unique solution, entirely new in the construction industry.

Sensational experience

The versatility of CORNELS' glass systems

As a contractor, you will receive many requests that all differ in requirements. Customisation offers unprecedented opportunities. An extensive range of tailored glass systems facilitate the realisation of the most varied designs. CORNELS’ product range consists of several systems.

Height-adjustable glass windscreens

Our height-adjustable glass windscreen is a popular product in the hospitality industry, among others. It keeps guests out of the wind on your hospitality terrace. The glass windscreen is easily operated by hand via a gas spring; no electricity needed. Ideal for waterfront terraces, in the polder or on squares. The glass preserves the panoramic view of the terrace. Choose our variant with built-in flower box or bench for an extra touch of greenery and aesthetics.

Sliding glass walls

We believe that style and functionality go hand in hand. Our sliding glass walls combine elegant aesthetics with practical versatility. They blur the boundaries between the indoors and out. Enjoy breathtaking views while protected from the elements. Our glass sliding walls are often used in terrace canopies and verandas to create complete garden rooms. As well as in hospitality establishments, where they are used to arrange spaces and create meeting rooms.

Motorised glass parapet

Introduce unparalleled luxury with our motorised glass parapet, perfect for walls in terrace canopies for consumers or the hospitality industry. Control the view and shelter.

Glass folding walls

Every construction project is unique. That is why we developed glass folding walls that give you the freedom to design the space according to your vision. Creating an open and airy environment during hot days or close the walls for a cosy atmosphere when it gets cold. Our thermally broken systems meet insulation requirements.

Style meets strength

The vast range of potential applications of our aluminium window frames

Sustainability is a topic that often tops the wish list. CORNELS is no exception. Our aluminium window frames and profiles are solid, weather-resistant and offer excellent insulation values. Plus, they are a feast for the eyes. The demand for this stylish CORNELS product has been significantly on the rise.

Create fully insulated conservatory

Received an application to realise a fully insulated conservatory? Form a fully insulated space with our thermally broken conservatory profiles and aluminium window frames, combined with triple glazing. A majestic and very comfortable space.  Ultimate comfort. Optimal enjoyment for your customers (energy label A).

Aluminium frames for glass garden rooms

We have been using our aluminium frames in aluminium canopies for years. Ideal for installing fixed glass walls in the terrace canopy, for example. For installing aluminium window frames in your wooden veranda to create a garden room or pool house; yet another potential application of custom aluminium window frames.

Interior aluminium frames

From dividing up existing office spaces to creating an extra, transparent room in a newly built villa. Whatever request you receive as a contractor for the application of aluminium interior window frames; with our customised products, you will realise every wish.

Create ultimate conditions

Screens for windows and canopies

Our screens are not only ideal for blocking the low winter sun with your terrace canopy, but also perfect for the windows of your construction project. Our screens help control the climate year round, keeping your space cool in summer and retaining heat in winter. From restaurant windows to office buildings, our screens add comfort and privacy to any space and can even be branded with your logo to make your project stand out.

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Discover the vast range of possibilities of our products, fully adapted to your unique construction projects.  CORNELS is ready to realise your vision with our high-quality, innovative products. From complete terrace canopies with retractable roof to louvred roof, from retractable glass windscreens to glass folding walls and motorised glass parapets. We offer the solutions that transform your construction projects into beautiful, versatile spaces. Together, we create masterpieces.


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