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Are you a business professional who always strives for the highest standard in every aspect of your office environment? Are you looking for innovative solutions to provide your employees and customers with an outstanding experience, regardless of the conditions outside? CORNELS understands your needs and we are proud of our extensive range of high-quality products, such as flexible glass walls, canopies and screens, which elevate your business space to the next level of comfort and functionality.

All-Season Business Comfort

For offices, terraces and other business environments

In the business world, comfort is an art practiced year round. At CORNELS, we believe in the power of creating the perfect environment where your employees can thrive and where your customers feel welcome.

Elevate your outdoor space; that is our mission. Our high-end products offer immeasurable possibilities; tailor-made solutions that allow you to optimise your business space all year round. Imagine a working environment where comfort and efficiency go hand in hand.

We understand that business customers have unique needs, which is why we have a range of innovative custom-made products to meet all your requirements.

Ultimate conditions

Screens for climate control, light regulation and privacy

Our screens are perfect for the windows of your office space. They offer the possibility of controlling the climate: cool in summer, warm in winter. Block the sun with screens to keep it pleasantly cool on hot and sunny summer days. Another popular application is to keep the setting autumn sun out.

Our zip screens provide insulation while retaining heat in cold seasons. Plus, the incidence of natural light is preserved thanks to the translucent fabric. Furthermore, your employees are protected from curious eyes outside.

Screens create a comfortable atmosphere. From windows in office spaces to meeting rooms and company canteens; our screens add comfort and privacy to any business environment. Did you know that our screens can also be fitted with your company logo? This allows you to regulate the climate while advertising your business.

Make the most out of daylight

Wide range of glass systems for offices and public spaces

Ideal for offices and public spaces: our glass systems. These high-end products offer a wide range of solutions, including glass entrance doors, sliding walls, folding walls for flexible (indoor) spaces and glass windscreens for terrace comfort.

Glass sliding walls for spatial elegance

At CORNELS, we believe that the aesthetics of your business environment are key. Combining elegance with functionality, our sliding glass walls offer the possibility of dividing up spaces while maintaining transparency. Whether you want to create an open working environment or an intimate space for a private meeting; our sliding glass walls add sophistication to your business environment.

Glass folding walls for flexible layout

We understand that business environments often need flexible layouts. Our glass folding walls offer the freedom to adapt the space to your needs. Whether you want to create an open workspace for collaboration or an enclosed area for extra focus; whatever your requirements, customised glass folding walls allow you to easily adapt the space.

Height-adjustable glass windscreens

Our retractable glass windscreens offer protection from the wind and can be easily adjusted in height by hand. Ideal for company restaurant terraces or canteens in a windy or draughty location.

Year-round shelter and shade

A four-season terrace or meeting room: a reality with CORNELS

With CORNELS products, you can realise the dream of a four-season terrace or company canteen. Offer your employees and customers a comfortable environment all year round with a complete terrace canopy with louvred roof or retractable roof. Protection from the sun on hot summer days, natural light in spring when the roof opens, shelter from rain and wind; thanks in part to sliding or folding glass walls in the canopy. Add terrace heating to create a unique meeting room on colder days. Do not let the seasons affect your business performance: offer your team and/or guests the comfort they deserve.

Elevate your business space

Step into the future with CORNELS

Are you ready to take your business environment to the next level of comfort and functionality? CORNELS is ready to realise your vision with our high-quality, innovative products.Ā  From screens to glass partitions, from glass windscreens to complete terrace canopies for the terrace of your company restaurant or to create unique meeting rooms. We have the solutions that transform your business space into a versatile, attractive environment.

Appointment with a CORNELSĀ® dealer?

We will select a reputable, specialised dealer based on your information and project location. They are the perfect match for your outdoor requirements for your office, hospitality venue or public space. A comprehensive inventory is followed by professional advice. All wishes and possibilities are fleshed out in a bespoke plan.


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