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Are you working on sophisticated architectural concepts such as shopping centres, sports facilities, boulevards, hospitality squares, other public spaces, luxury apartment complexes or villa districts? CORNELS is the ultimate label for any architect who wants to elevate the outdoor space of their project into a work of art. Our high-end custom-made products open up a world of creative possibilities.

From luxury four-season terrace canopies for hospitality squares and beach boulevards to complete garden rooms with various types of walls and aluminium canopies with a louvred roof: CORNELS has it all. Our products provide seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, adding a whole new dimension to outdoor living. Create tranquillity and space, shade and light.

Captivating the senses

Innovative CORNELS solutions for architects

Architecture is all about precision, innovation and turning vision into reality. Every detail must be perfected, big or small. With CORNELS products, the outdoor living experience takes on a whole new dimension. Our systems are designed to respond to changing weather conditions real-time, making them an ideal choice for forward-thinking architects.

Retractable terrace canopy with retractable roof

A symbol of architectural sophistication, our custom-made retractable terrace canopy with retractable roof combines style and function. Supported by a sturdy aluminium frame, this waterproof system can be smoothly incorporated into any architectural design.

High-end terrace canopies with louvred roof

Experience the ultimate modern luxury. Our louvred roofs offer the flexibility to play with light and air, enabling outdoor living all year round together with our wall closures. Unlimited possibilities. Play with the elements. A wide range of potential applications. For gardens, roof terraces, built-in possibilities for apartment terraces, as well as in wooden verandas, pool houses, public spaces, etc. louvres that tilt and retract. Entirely according to your design.

Make the most out of daylight

Glass provides light and space

Glass helps the indoors and the outdoors blend seamlessly. Offers unobstructed views. CORNELS offers several high-end glass systems, customised to your design.

Sliding glass walls

Our sliding walls and folding walls offer spatial flexibility and style, while allowing a seamless transition between indoors and out. The experience of light is enhanced thanks to the transparent connection with the surroundings. Skies. Views. More hours to enjoy and moments to cherish. Ultimate experience.

Glass folding walls

From double-glazed windows to fully thermally insulated folding walls. A stylish addition to your designs from residential complexes to offices, from villas to penthouses, from hospitality to other commercial spaces.  Glass folding walls offer possibilities for completely open spaces to be converted into a sheltered, enclosed space. Flexible, stylish, sheltered and comfortable.

Motorised glass parapet

Take luxury to the next level with our advanced solutions; ideal for hospitality terraces.  Additional protection. More shelter. Ultimate experience.

Retractable glass windscreens

These are perfect for designs of terraces of hotels, restaurants or cafés. Comfortably sheltered from the wind, flexibly applicable. Enrich the design with a touch of greenery and aesthetics by opting for our variant with flower box.

Stylish insulation, sustainable solution

Advanced climate control with screens for windows and in canopies

Offers advanced climate control with our zip screens, perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. The elegant screens integrate sun and heat control, style and ambience. Aesthetic enrichment of the exterior. Inviting comfort for the interior.

Create masterpieces

CORNELS, your committed partner from the very first sketches

Besides being a high-end label, CORNELS is also an involved partner for architects from initial design to implementation. Our team of specialists work closely with architects from the very first sketches. Together, we transform any outdoor space into a masterpiece.

CORNELS has extensive experience in highly diverse projects. From an intimate terrace for individuals to comprehensive business projects. Every assignment is unique and together we find the best possible technical solution for the issue at hand.

In the world of architecture, the difference between good and exception is all in the details. At CORNELS, excellence is the standard in every product and service on offer. If you are an architect looking for a partner who understands and can realise your vision for outdoor spaces, look no further.

Get in touch with our consultants and find out how we can work together to take your project to the next level.


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